We at 24Gone are entrepreneurs who think it’s time to provide a unique concept to e-commerce marketing by motivating buyers with limited, disappearing deals. In other words, “Deals For a Day.”

Thanks for becoming a part of 24Gone. Our goal is to establish a unique selling opportunity by motivating buyers to take advance of special product prices that will expire in 24 hours. Of course, you may choose to maintain that special pricing for longer, but we recommend you return to your regular pricing after the 24 for period.

This lets shoppers know you are serious and that your 24 hour price is to be taken seriously. This membership permits you unlimited uploading of such products to out Facebook Group. Think about it. If you found a product you wanted and knew it would be gone in 24 hours or less would you chance that the price would return to normal before your returned to buy it?

We believe you would grab the opportunity to buy and save, especially if you knew this as to just some hollow marketing ploy. THat’s why we urge sellers to stick to the guarantee that the product will be available at the price show or 24 Hours. Even if you have to reprise on your site when buyers click, you’ve made them believers. That’s the idea.

The next time they see your post, they will know it’s real ad not a come-on.

Join us, and get unlimited posts for your legitimate, new, quality, NO B.S. products.

See our membership page designed to filter out those who will join any group—hundreds— and do little or nothing make the group successful.

Oh, we know some will complain. We simply say: “Thanks for stopping by. We wish you well.

Let’s start selling.

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